Google has finally released its latest Android L update for Nexus 4. It may be noteworthy that Nexus 4 was previously not listed amongst the Nexus devices to which Android L Preview Software Development Kit (SDK) was being extended.

Nonetheless Google workers have finally been spotted testing Android L on their Nexus 4 devices, bringing much delight to its users.
Reportedly a few users of Google+ encountered some posts of company’s employees on Chromium discussion, which is an open-source web program venture from which Google Chrome draws its source code, pertaining to Android L update for Nexus 4.

However it is not official if Google will be rolling out Android L update for Nexus 4, but from the leaked information it is suggestive that the update is likely to happen soon.

Arguably the company is gearing up to announce the Android L update with the launch of Nexus 5’s successor. So far Google has kept mum about the likely features of the upgraded version or what ‘L’ stands for. However the reports speculate that ‘L’ stands for ‘Lemon Meringue Pie’ or LMP.

Apart from the enhanced performance, Android L is expected to deliver a finer battery life in Android devices.