Anthony Torre has been working since getting his bachelors degree in 1990, and he specializes in the field of financial services. He established a financing brokerage firm before he continued to progress and build his business to enable raising capital for businesses. He possesses an AFSL license so he can raise capital for projects that include developing property and other areas of development. He has worked in this area for more than 24 years.

He currently holds the position as the directors for 3 companies that are all located in Perth, Australia. These include Wealth Development Solutions, Equinox Strategic Capital Investments and Development Capital Partners Private Limited. Since January 2014 he held the position of director for Equinox Strategic Capital Investments and started in the same position for the other 2 companies in June 2014.

His companies have expanded the reach financial services to the clients from their professional associates aside from their own clients. The companies offer diverse selections for investment choices, which helps their client base to build up their wealth in many different and interesting ways.

He has an extended variety of different skills in the financial sector including dealing with investments, equities, portfolio management, corporate finance, financial markets,  management, private equity, options, IPO, and investment strategies,. He also has immense knowledge in different areas, which includes management of wealth, strategies for business, management of assets, finding funding, management of risk, and even mergers and acquisitions.

He also has an intense interest in other areas that include hedge funds, derivatives, planning for businesses, superannuation, capital markets, start-ups, new business development, retirement planning and saving, helping to restructure debt and many other financial areas.

Mr. Torre got his high school diploma from St. Mark’s Collegein 1974 until graduating in 1985. After getting his high school degree, he went on for his bachelors degree that he pursued from Edith Cowan University, where he majored in Accounting and Finance. He graduated with his degree in 1990. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their 3 children. During his free time he likes to spend time with his family, as well as playing soccer and tennis,  going fishing, boating and skiing. He also enjoys road bike riding, motor racing, and watching Formula 1.