Skateboarding has been up and coming on the sports scene for a few decades now and though it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, the players and people who follow it know a good skateboarder when they see one. Leading the fresh faces in Australia, is a nineteen-year-old named Anthony Torre. Hailing from the West Austrailan town of Perth, he’s introducing new style and and energy into the scene.

Perth is a skate hub exploding with positive energy and possibilities and has programs all over the city for kids and adults alike. So it’s a no-brainer that Perth would produce a skater like Anthony Torre. Torre’s style is forward focused, he centralizing on covering ground and covering it fast.   Frontside Grind’s are his specialty. Photographers jump at the chance to snap his extreme angles, and on-lookers are always pulling out their phones. What really impresses, is diameter doesn’t play into his tricks. Whether the rail is the width of a pipe cleaner, or 2×4 Torre is climbing up in the rinks for specialty skaters.

Along with grinding just about everything his skateboard can fit on top of, he likes to fly high and soar over sets of stairs.   He’s often said he’s improving and intends to jump larger and higher gaps, bur for now even the ten-step jump is a crowd pleaser.

On a more personal level, Torre is well beyond his years. Perth is a big city, but he’s found himself all around it skating with kids his age and younger, looking to spread the joy that skateboarding creates.   The Perth hub has plenty of organizations and parks for skateboarding, but its pulling in the shy kids that hang out behind the fence that really makes a difference in the scheme things. Even with a sport as open as skateboarding, its hard being a kid and sometimes just a nameless skater with good tricks can be intimidating. Anthony Torre understands that and applies it.

Anthony Torre is well on his way to be a leader in the scene, and should definitely be added to your list of skaters to watch.   It can be expected that Torre will only get more involved as he ages. He’s already playing his part in the Perth scene and expresses wanting to take that further. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see his name on a new park somewhere around town