For quite some years now, the craze of skateboarding as a sport has been increasing. It may not have earned the attention that it deserves, but people who love the sport can easily recognize a good skateboarder when one is around. Anthony Torre Perth is one such skateboarder in Australia. This teenager is now an icon the youth in Australia. Skateboard lovers are getting crazy by the new styles and passion he’s putting in the sports.  

Perth has now become a centre for skateboarding and the energy of the sport resonates all over the city. The city organizes skateboarding programs for both adults and kids. And hence, it’s not surprising the Perth has an efficient skater like Anthony Torre. In the sport, he focuses forward and his strategies include covering the ground and doing it fast.  Anthony Torre’s specialities are the Frontside Grinds. Photographers do not miss to click his extreme angles and his fans go crazy to catch his performance on their mobile phones.  What amazes everyone is the fact that diameter doesn’t matter Torre at all. No matter how wide or narrow the rail is, Torre skates superbly.

In Perth Anthony Torre is an amazing skateboarder. Apart from this is much beyond his years. Torre goes skating allover Perth with children and people of his age as well since he loves to spread the energy and zeal that skating creates. Now that Perth is a centre for skateboarding, there are many parks and organizations which organize skateboarding programs. The sport is so much alluring that even shy kids can’t remain so. It’s just the skating tricks that do the magic – no matter if the skateboarder is a kid.

For the gem of a skater he is, you must watch him if you love skateboarding. It can very well be said that with age, Torre will only master the art and take the world by a storm.