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Skateboarding is such a game that has been gaining immense popularity these days and the sport is receiving great attention. Among the many people in Australia, the youngster Anthony Torre is known to have introduced the latest styles in this sport.

Perth is known to be such a skate hub that has been exploding with a lot of positive energy and with skateboarding, such a sport has been loved by the kids and also adults. His style is known to be focused and Frontside Grind is known to be his specialty. In fact the photographers jump to shoot his extreme angles and the viewers also just love to have a glance of his skating. Even though the rail width is just that of a pipe cleaner or if he climbs the rinks for the specialty skaters, this personality is known to be brilliant at it.

He sometimes flies high with his skates and this is something extremely amazing to watch. His ten step jumper is indeed known to be a great crowd pleaser. He just loves to spread the joy of skateboarding everywhere and this is the reason that he gets various kids here to encourage them to get into this sport. He makes aware of the sport by revealing his tricks at times!

Anthony Torre Perth has truly been a great leader in skateboarding and he is such a personality, who skating scenes are a must watch. He is now renowned for playing in Perth and wishes to take this forward to various other renowned places of skateboarding as well. May be we can expect that skateboarding gets a great recognition after such personalities being emerged. For the sake of experiencing the fun of skateboarding of Anthony Torre you should visit Perth and view the best times of life!