In 2014, under Anthony Torre’s leadership the companies that he started premiering, have been growing ever since, reaching out to newer clients each passing day. Due to the latest innovations in choices, the client and capital base is also strengthening.

Who is Anthony Torre of Perth?

Anthony Torre did his bachelors from St Marks Collegian in 1990 and has been focussing on financial services since then. He started off with a financial brokerage firm before transgressing into building businesses that helped in raising more funds. After receiving the high school degree in 1985, Anthony Torre completed his bachelor’s degree from Edith Cowan University with honours in Accounting and Finance.

Currently the managing director of Equinox Capital he is qualified to give Financial Advice and is also RG 146 compliant. He is also the director of Development Partners Capital Private Limited and Wealth Development Solutions. Having been involved in the Financial Services Industry for more than 20 years, a Diploma in Financial Planning coupled with accreditation by LPAC in Direct Equities and Derivatives and AXA in Self Managed Super Funds, Anthony Torre is at the highest rung of the the Western Australian Financial world.

Other interests

His other related interests include involvement in hedge funds, derivatives, capital markets, superannuation, planning for businesses, retirement saving and planning up, capital markets, and start ups and helping to restructure liabilities and other financial departments.

Being a holder of an ASL license, Anthony Torre of Perth can raise funds for projects including property and other fields of development. He is on a glorious 24th year on a roll. He started heading these companies only in 2014 and to reach them to the pinnacle of triumph in a matter of few months is another success story altogether.

Being a complete workaholic the mastermind is always contemplating the next move towards a newer achievement but loves to chill-out with lovely family and relaxes with many outdoor activities like motor racing, boating and fishing when on a break.

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